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Laborlink services are customizable to clients’ and partners’ needs, and data collected via Laborlink is used in a wide variety of ways. Some of the most common uses for data sourced via Laborlink include:

  • Listening to workers in this way helps us connect the dots between quality of life issues like workplace health and safety and business issues in manufacturing, such as worker retention and productivity.

    — Marks & Spencer's Head of Ethical Trading, Fiona Sadler —
  • Laborlink data has been really valuable to us in terms of understanding vulnerability and risk and hearing worker voices. It also helps us target our resources better in areas/topics that matters to our workers.

    — Eileen Fisher's Human Rights Leader, Luna Lee —
  • We need the right tools to go deeper into our supply chain and obtain meaningful data. Laborlink provides valuable technology and other tools which help us realize our social responsibility vision.

    — Patagonia's Director of Social & Environmental Responsibility, Cara Chacon —


We work with innovators – leading companies and NGOs that are not content with the status quo. Our partners want to see working conditions change for the better and we use our technology to catalyze that transformation.

Some of our Clients & Partners

  • The Laborlink survey process was easy and smooth. We feel privileged to participate in such a ground-breaking initiative.

    — Promotional supplier in China —
  • I am delighted to see how effective the tool is to collect information which does not come along so easily. This will also help us to concentrate our resources to the areas that affect the workers directly.

    — Textiles supplier in India —
  • Thank you for sharing our Laborlink survey results. The information is clear and will be a good tool to improve and address our objectives related to worker welfare and productivity.

    — Knits supplier in Peru —


Other Tools

Laborlink is not the only way we give voice to marginalized workers and communities. Through our award-winning Fair Wage Guide and Amader Kotha Worker Helpline, we are also combining technology and localized knowledge to create win-win outcomes for everyone across the supply-chain.


Handicraft artisans are paid per piece and have little bargaining power. The Fair Wage Guide translates piece rate into hourly rate for 150+ countries, empowering workers and encouraging retailers to source responsibly. At the click of a button, the Guide generates a localized wage analysis and comparison to international poverty benchmarks. Artisans have seen incomes rise by 20% after using the tool.


Garment workers in Bangladesh often face unsafe working conditions and previously had no way to report risks to fire and building safety. Amader Kotha, or “Our Voice” in Bangla, is a first-of-its-kind Worker Helpline developed in partnership with the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, Clear Voice and grassroots NGO Phulki in Bangladesh. The tool has reached workers in 250+ factories and counting.


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Our vision is for every worker to have a free and anonymous channel to report directly to decision-makers about their working conditions, opinions and needs. Technology is how we achieve it. Since 2010, our tools have reached over 1,000,000 workers across 16 countries. We believe in the power of data insights and transparency to transform workplace conditions and transform lives.

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