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Good World Solutions is a non-profit social enterprise with a vision – that every worker should have a free and anonymous channel to report directly to decision-makers about their working conditions, opinions, and needs. Technology is how we achieve that vision. Since 2010, we have reached over 1,000,000 workers in 16+ countries. We believe in the power of data insights and transparency to transform workplace conditions and transform lives.

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Heather BW - 2016 v2
Heather Franzese
Co-founder & Executive Director
Tom BW - 2015
Tom Rausch
Ryan BW - 2016
Ryan Whitney
Head of Product Development
Beth 250 BW
Beth Holzman
Director of Engagement & Ops.
Harsha 250 BW
Harsha Mallajosyula
Data Scientist
Dawson_BW - 2016
Dawson Tang
Manager, Data Science & Analytics
Melissa Caraher
Manager, Client Engagement
David Koller
Manager, Communications

Jackie Flewelling
Senior Manager, Global Operations 
Krystal Kovalick
Manager, Global Operations

Dolly Ngo
Analyst, Global Operations
Jessie Yu BW
Jessie Yu
Analyst, Global Operations

Christina Chao
Senior Manager, Development
Lee Howard BW
Lee Howard
Senior Product Manager, UX
Aaron Bronow
Lead Technical Architect
Sumita Sarma
Supply Chain Innovation Manager

Bryce Watson
Mobile For Development Fellow

James Cao
Trainer, China
Kevin Huang
Lead Trainer, China
Leo Liao
Trainer, China
Elena 250 BW
Elena Zeng
Trainer, China

Sharmin Begum
Program Manager, Bangladesh
M. Shykot Raihan
Technology Lead, Bangladesh
Ramesh Raju
Trainer, India
Betty Qi BW
Betty Qi
Program Manager, China
Nara 250 BW
Sovannara Eang
Trainer, Cambodia

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