Fair Wage Guide

The Fair Wage Guide is a free, online tool that calculates fair wages for 150 countries, empowering workers to support themselves and contribute to their local economies. At the click of a button, the Guide generates a localized wage analysis and comparison to international poverty benchmarks. The tool brings transparency to supply chains, giving workers bargaining power and encouraging retailers to source responsibly. Try the Fair Wage Guide or watch the demo video.

In 2009, the Fair Wage Guide was recognized at the Tech Awards. Today, 900+ companies in 81 countries have used the Fair Wage Guide in their sourcing, positively impacting more than 30,000 workers globally. Based on a recent impact assessment:

  • 95 percent of users report that the Fair Wage Guide is a useful tool to improve wages.
  • 80 percent of users report increased earnings after using the Fair Wage Guide.
  • A majority of workers have seen their incomes increase by at least 20 percent after using the Fair Wage Guide.

The Fair Wage Guide was built in 2005 in collaboration with fair trade organizations around the world, including cooperatives in Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, Ghana, Kenya, Thailand, Vietnam, India and Cambodia.

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