Labor Link is a mobile platform that gives companies real-time data from their supply chain or field operations, and gives workers and farmers a voice to report on conditions in their workplace or community. Our Labor Link services include:

Monitor working conditions between audits

  • Have you completed health and safety training at work?
  • Do you understand how your wage is calculated?
  • Are you able to decline to work overtime?

Measure employee
job satisfaction

  • Do you feel comfortable speaking to your supervisor if you have a need or a problem?
  • How does your wage compare to other workers in your community?

Track impact of CSR
& capacity building

  • Has your work environment become safer or more dangerous during the past year?
  • Do you believe that working at your current job has improved your life?

Custom data direct from beneficiaries

  • What is the greatest need facing your community?
  • During the last 12 months, was there a time when your family had to skip meals or reduce meal portions?

Track livelihoods with the Progress Out of Poverty Index

  • What is the main material of your household’s exterior walls?
  • What fuel is most frequently used for cooking in your household?
  • Do all children ages 6 to 18 currently attend school?

Connect to
management-level data

  • What time of year would you most like to take annual leave?
  • When you miss production goals, what is typically the reason?
  • What best explains why you miss work?

Gauge training efficiency & knowledge retention

  • Do you save more money today than you did 6 months ago?
  • Was the training you received relevant to you and your family?
  • Do you feel empowered to make smart financial decisions?

Reinforce key messages from classroom training

  • M-Learning saves up to 80% of the cost of traditional classroom training.
  • Push content to a broad audience regularly to highlight key topics or hard to grasp concepts.

Feedback loop of survey findings to respondents

  • Send interesting results back to participants to raise morale and incentivize future participation.
  • Share info with workers and farmers about helpful services and resources available to them.

Voice-based and smartphone services available

  • IVR surveys don’t require literacy, and are anonymous and free to respondents.
  • Capture data via smartphone as a complement to IVR surveys or to gather larger datasets.

Faster, better quality data for much less money

  • Labor Link offers 70% cost savings over pen/paper surveys, saves time and data is returned to you in real-time.
  • Candid responses because workers initiate the call – anytime, from anywhere.

No new technology needed

  • Labor Link leverages the six billion mobile subscriptions worldwide and connects directly to workers’ own phone.
  • No training or expensive, unfamiliar equipment is needed.